Cut Cocks

I hate dressing up during summer!!
famehookerface: It was very nice to see you last night at the Vegas show. I looked at you a few times to say hi and you looked back but I did not want to bother. Hope you had a safe trip back to LA. :)

You should’ve said hi!!!!

Anonymous: would you warn gaga about people if they were sending you hate so that they would get blacklisted

Not unleash I thought they were dangerous for her. And I would tell her security not her

Anonymous: jealous of what you acting more like a fan than a friend to her

Is this a coherent sentence? I’m a fan of her music and she’s my friend. Her family and people she works with are fans of her music too. I have other friends who make pop music and I’ve become fans of theirs too even tho some were friends first. Bye Felicia 😘

Anonymous: You shouldn't have to keep explaining yourself. They are just jealous lmao

I agree I shouldn’t

Anonymous: What do you think of Brandon from seancody?